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I had a discussion with a former colleague of mine. Over the past 20 years we have gone in different directions and are now exploring new opportunities. Although we have different points of view in many areas, we also have some similar ethics.

Our discussion centred on some of the troubles in the region. We are both living in Australia although Helena had originally come from Sweden. My parents migrated here from Czechoslovakia in the early 50’s, escaping from the ravages of the post second world war and the takeover by the communists. I mentioned to Helena that due to the trauma of the war, my Dad, George, had great difficulty in talking anything about it. It is a similar experience amongst many of that era.

It does mean that I have missed out on a history and the sense of where do I come from?  I do know that Dad was involved in the resistance and that, after the 1948 communist takeover, he had skipped the border into Germany then France. He had met my mother Elizabeth there and in 3 weeks married her and eventually they managed to migrate to Australia.

Some of the troubles in the world are where people are trying to reconcile what is there history and what should it have been. The Australian Aborigines ar a case in point. Many had been taken from their parents when they were younger, many had been dispossessed and now are trying to find out what is their journey in history. When they cannot see one, they lose hope. It appears to be a similar story to many people, just witness the experiences of the millions of refugees in the world at the moment.

Helena has a bit of similar experience in that her mother was in Auschwitz and could not share her experience after the war. It causes a disconnect in our lives when there are question marks in our history.

What does this have to do with SEO or Search Engine Optimization? We are bringing to the table not only our skills and enthusiasm but also our character and history. These are all very important and can be used as input into the work that we do or the projects that we undertake. It does mean that the work that we do should reflect who we are. We are all different and we are all fascinating. It means that our output shoudl also be fascinating. We all do things differently. I will do SEO in a certain manner but it does not mean that it is the only way of doing something. Hopefully I can make it interesting for you and help to enlighten your own journey that others too will find fascinating. Enjoy and celebrate it.


Hello world!

I will be blogging on SEO and related subjects. I have been involved in SEO for a good 6 months, not necessarily successfully! I hope to show my progress along this journey and welcome your feedback.

This site, http://www.criticalmass.biz is focussed on SEO related issues and resources. I also have a number of other websites on which I will practice what I am preaching. These include http://www.ourbestarticles.com, an article directory and related resource site. I also have http://www.ronskruzny.com a home business related site that currently compares a number of opportunities.

Where do I come from? I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a wife and 5 children who range in age from 4 up to 16. They are fun and teach me a lot. My wife tries to teach me a lot but, as many wives do, finds it a frustrating process. Still, we are together having celebrated our 20 year anniversary earlier this year. God has had a strong hand in that.

I am an Electronics Engineer by training and have been a telecommunications and IT consultant for over 20 years. I am currently working for Consultel IT&T and enjoy the work. Much of my time is spent juggling priorities between faith, family, Consultel and my Internet Marketing journey.

I am happy to receive feedback and/or comment on all aspects of moving forward on the journey of life.



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