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Keywords are an essential part of your website if you want to have search engines refer traffic to you. The following hints and techniques can help improve your search engine friendliness and may also help you to discover other opportunities for your business.

1. Donít chase after the keywords that are much in demand. Initially you will likely end up on page 150 or worse in any search engine listings. There is too much competition. Look for the keywords where you are more likely to succeed, at least initially.

2. The long tail theory is currently in vogue. Itís best to chase after multiple smaller traffic swarms that you have greater chances of success instead of going after the larger swarm that you are competing with by too many other players.

3. Aggregate a number of similar themed keywords together e.g. anti-cancer vegetables could include broccoli, Brussels sprouts and turnips.

4. Look at websites that are number one for that keyword. Investigate each of the factors that helped them to get a high ranking. Then either copy of improve ont he way that they do things. You can often do better than the current webpage.

5. Tools

a. will help you to select keywords related to your main keyword

b. will tell you how many searches there were over the past month for that keyword

c. Ė will tell you how many websites relate to the keyword


~ The SEO Keywords Team